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Smart Health bracelet

We all do our health and medical checkups regularly and at regular intervals. These checkups cause various problems by themselves, including increasing the risk of COVID-19, unnecessary waiting time for face-to-face visits, high costs to see a doctor, traffic, and air pollution. All these problems occur because of the lack of 24-hour access to a doctor or a caregiver to monitor the patient's vital signs.

On the other hand, the elderly or those with underlying diseases need more medical care in shorter periods. 

"If we could know it just a few minutes sooner...our loved ones might be here today."

Many monitoring procedures can be done far from the hospitals' dangerous environments, especially for the older adults in more delicate situations.

"What if we could take care of our loved ones in our secure environments and not in hospitals."

There is no need for the patient to put himself/herself in a risky environment such as a hospital to have checkups, monitor his/her signs, get a doctor's opinion, or be under doctor supervision.

No more wasting time in hospital waiting rooms...
No more wasting time in hospital ICU rooms...
No more wasting money to see a doctor check our signs...
No more risky hospital and clinic environments for elderly patients...

"We can meet all these goals and stay safe with our new invented Smart Health Control Bracelet."

This device's main advantages are avoiding risking our health, wasting time, money, and energy to see a doctor in person or be under monitor in a hospital.

This device is made in such a way that it will not hinder any personal activities. One of the Smart Bracelet's important features is adjusting the monitoring notifications and the warning limits based on the patient body, which means that the Smart Bracelet can be adjusted for each person according to his/her characteristics and unique medical records. 

- Sending a warning message to the patient's relatives and a doctor in case of any abnormality observing by the bracelet. 
- Providing 24/7 vital signs monitoring feature for the patient's relatives (and the doctor, nurse, or any caregiver) remotely. 
- Storing the patient vital signs reports (temperature, heart rate, blood oxygen.) in adjustable time intervals (every 10 minutes, for instance)
- Instantly be informed in case of detecting any abnormalities by the bracelet to prevent further problems.

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