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The benefits of smart projects with n anovision

Leading the knowledge of intelligence in the Middle East

creativity and innovation

The smart world of technology allows customers to choose the right ways to transfer energy and make optimal use of their potential and workforce. By innovating and innovating and using these systems, you can create a great revolution in your business

Reasonable costs

Intelligence has a big impact on your life. The cost of smartening NanoVision is very affordable. Not only will you not incur any costs, but your costs will be greatly reduced.

High durability

These days, smart devices are widely used in our daily lives, so the use of durable and long-lasting tools is one of the most important factors. Nanovision Company is proud to offer its smart customers with good quality and high durability.

Speed and security

With the help of modern technology, we have made it possible for you to intelligently organize your organization in the shortest possible time and with high security without any worries and enjoy its benefits.

Smart vision, economical and thoughtful implementation

Smart projects done by Nanovision

About NanoVision (us)

Creating a communication bridge between technology, making life easy and lowing-off expenses by doing activities throughout creative look and different vision to objects, environmental processes and different attitude to what we see and hear, which stems from God’s blessings, causes brilliance and acceptance inside and outside of the country.

Having an expert and updated human resource and progressive thinking room, enables our company to be amongst the top companies in making new ideas and special look to projects. With responsible partners and personnel along with other companies who are on the same direction as we are, have caused integrity and higher qualities in different angles.

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Our services and products:

  • Designing and implementation of Intelligent Systems
  • Designing and Building lowing-off consuming energy Systems
  • Consulting to design systematic solutions /making companies smart
  • Designing and implementation of systems based on TAG RFID
  • Designing and implementation of Remote Monitoring Systems
  • Designing and implementation of obedient moving archives
  • Designing and implementation of archives/warehouse with capability to prevent putting files/goods in wrong places
  • Designing and implementation of archives/warehouse with capability to prevent of files/goods exit without permission
  • Creating management dashboards in different levels (ex. Cockpits, ) and making spread sheets inside factories and designing web-based software on cell phones and portable devices for managers
  • Receiving vital information of production line without data entry by people, automatically and intelligently

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