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Smart documents of Tehran Municipality

Introduction and definition of Project

  Winter 2012

Project Definition: Problem of finding documents in cylinder and help users to put documents in their places.

According to the existing problems in document cylinder of Tehran Municipality (Documents and Properties Organization) and field survey and interviewing legal deputy of document cylinder, the prototype was presented to solve the problem.

  Autumn 2013:

According to field survey and interviewing legal deputy of document cylinder, and creating initial RFP from available and optimal conditions.

  Winter 2013:

Presenting technical plan of the project for Tehran Municipality IT organization and taking technical permission for implementing it


Conclusion and exchange (the contract) between Rayaneh_Tehran_Shahr organization and exchange the contract between between Rayaneh_Tehran_Shahr organization and NonoVision Company.

Activities done:

  •  Number of Data Entry Documents: 130,000
  •   Number of installed Holograms : 180,000
  •   Number of installed RFID Tags: 130,000
  •   Number Of required documents existing in cylinder and or existing in Nama software: 920 documents
  •   Number of found documents in cylinder which have no records in Nama software: 116 documents
  •   Number of main controller : 1
  •   Number of LEDs which show the location of ledger binders : 4300
  •   Number of PCB containers: 390 LEDs
  •   Number of LED monitors to identify related files and rows: 52
  •   Wiring inside the cylinder: approximately 500 meters
  •   Number of installed engines for moving archive files: 13
  •   Number of antennas located in entrance cylinder gate: 2
  •   Number of ledger binder containers: 390
  •   Number of installed locks controlling inputs and outputs of cylinder: 1

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